Whistleblower Policy

OG LTD. is committed to conducting its business with integrity and based upon ethical best practices and principles, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance standards. OG LTD. has a zero tolerance for bribery and corruption.
If you know or suspect that any employee(s), consultant(s) or associated persons of OG LTD. or their Related Persons or any persons claimed to be the employee(s), consultant(s) of OG LTD. have taken bribes from you, you shall promptly notify the Group Companies by sending an email with all relevant details to the following email address report@OG.xyz.
OG LTD. will keep all information providers and all information provided thereof strictly confidential, and take certain measures to support you as follows:
Regardless of whether you provide or are being forced to provide to any employee or associated persons of OG LTD. or their Related Persons with improper benefits or advantages, if you proactively provide effective information and explain the situation to OG LTD. before OG LTD. is aware of such information from other sources, OG LTD. will in its sole discretion consider the actual situation and continue with the business dealings with you. OG LTD. may not take action against your violation of any of the above provisions.
Once the information in relation to bribery conduct provided to OG LTD. is verified, OG LTD. shall offer monetary reward to the whistleblower based on the degree of influence by such bribery conducts.
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